Whiskey And Bacon in the morning

Got much love for this Houston band. They are so close to breaking through.


Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Retreat

Good to see you back on stage Sharon


Lindi Ortega.  She’s well over a decade into her music career and during this long climb she’s attained a solid level of indie success, developing a devoted following and garnering some critical acclaim along the way.  But honestly… I think this hardworking and talented girl should be way more famous by now.  I hope 2014 brings her all the mainstream recognition and industry honors that she absolutely deserves.  Similar to Kacey Musgraves, Lindi Ortega is a killer songwriter who puts her own contemporary twist on traditional country music.  And also like Kacey, Lindi does it well.  Really well.  She writes from the heart.  She sings from the soul.  And she has this stunning voice (like a wounded angel) that’s -all at once- gorgeous and raw and powerful and frail, recalling hints of such legendary mistresses of country as Emmylou and Dolly. While Lindi has plenty of full-blown, polished videos on Youtube, I really like this impromptu backstage clip that simply shows and tells it like it is.  No barriers or bullshit.  Just girl with guitar.  For anybody who’s never been to The Bluebird Cafe and wonders what it’s like… close your eyes and listen.  On a stellar night, it’s just like this.  I hope you dig it.  Enjoy.

My mama always told me,
"Hold on to the good things that ya find…"    


Phil Lynott died in 1986.  If he was still alive, then today (Aug. 20th) he’d be celebrating his birthday.  And for those of you who are now going, "Huh?  Who is Phil Lynott?"  He sang lead vocals and played bass for the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy.  But really, more accurately stated and with no disrespect to the other band members… Phil Lynott was Thin Lizzy.  It’s true.  And both he and that band kicked major ass. Phil was a genuine blue-collar wordsmith with his lyrics and he had one of the most definitive and rad voices in rock and roll.  His timbre and tone were unmistakable. And his vocal phrasing was kill-kill-killer.  Just plain amazing.  At this point, his style has been ripped and copped by so many other dudes I can’t even keep track.  But hey, that’s all right because Phil was so cool, his contributions deserve to be carried forward and celebrated.  Besides, nobody touches the magic of the originator.  

Check out this tune, The Rocker.  It’s one of my all-time Thin Lizzy faves.  Sweet intro riff.  Funky groove.  And Phil’s vocal is soaked in swagger and dripping with attitude.  It’s classic Lizzy and classic Lynott.  And it’s a worthy tribute to one of the true stalwarts of rock and roll.  In honor of Phil, turn it up and enjoy.  Here’s to ya buddy.  Happy Birthday!  And thank you for all the rad music.  You were the real thing.  

I am your main man if you’re looking for trouble

I take no lip, no one’s tougher than me…              

Love me some Thin Lizzy. Happy Birthday Phil.


New track from the Avett Brothers

Muddy Waters and his wife Geneva in Chicago, 1951.Photographed by Art Shay.

Muddy Waters and his wife Geneva in Chicago, 1951.
Photographed by Art Shay.


The new Mount Rushmore!


The new Mount Rushmore!

J Mascis cover of Fade Into You


You’re going to have to head over to Pitchfork for this audio exclusive, but it’s absolutely transcendental and worth it. Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis recorded an amazing, goosebump inducing, make you melt rendition of Mazzy Star classic Fade Into You. The cover will be released on 7” picture disc with purchases of limited edition shoes designed by Dinosaur Jr and shoe company Keep. 



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